Did Jesus Think He Was God? A Closer Look at the Evidence!
A 50-minute lesson and Q&A session from Bible scholar, Dr. Bart Ehrman as an online course!
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The Historical Jesus Matters!
"Whether you are a believer, fundamentalist, evangelical, moderate, liberal, or a non-believer, Jesus is the most significant individual in the history of our civilization. Coming to understand who Jesus actually was - and was not - is one of the most important intellectual endeavors anyone in our society can embark upon."
Bart Ehrman

Topics Covered:

Soon after Jesus’ death, his disciples claimed that he was God 

What did they mean by that? Was he the One and Only God, Yahweh? 

Did they think he was God before he died, during his public ministry? 

Did he himself think so? Did he say so? 

In this online course, we uncover what the evidence actually tells us

A live, in-person event with Dr. Ehrman generally costs $90 and up.  However, you can enjoy this online course with lifetime access and the bonuses below for the special pricing of only $14.95!

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Derek Lambert
Myth Vision

I loved this course!  Bart Ehrman is a legendary New Testament scholar and brings his best historical Jesus material to this course.

Andrew Mark Henry
Religion for Breakfast

Dr. Ehrman is a respected scholar of early Christianity. This is a great opportunity to learn from him!

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