Did the Christmas Story Really Happen?
The Birth of Jesus in History & Legend
Online Course Created from Live Seminar, Dec. 5th
Topics Covered:

  • What can we actually know about the birth of Jesus? 
  • How can we decide whether he was born in Bethlehem? 
  • Is it possible to reconcile the different Gospel accounts? 
  • Was the story of the Virgin Birth a later fabrication? 
  • What is the evidence for (or against) the many details, such as the trip to Bethlehem, the visit of the wisemen, and the “slaughter of the innocents”? 
  • How many of the most familiar parts of the stories come from later legends?

Four Sessions:  

  • Session ONE:  Did Matthew Misinterpret Scripture to Prove the Details of Jesus’ Birth? 
  • Session TWO:  Can Secular History Disprove (or Validate) Luke’s Account? 
  • Session Three:  Where Did the Later Legends of Jesus’ Birth Come From? And Why Were (and Are) They So Influential? 
  • Session Four:  What Can We Actually Know About the Birth of Jesus? A Historian’s Answer


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