Join Bart Ehrman for a Special Christmas-Season Lecture: "Other Virgin Births in Antiquity"

50-minute lecture by critically acclaimed Biblical Scholar & 6 NYT best-selling author, Dr. Bart Ehrman

This 50-minute lecture was recorded live on the 14 Dec 2022 together with a Q & A session you won't want to miss... 

Was Jesus of Nazareth the ONLY miracle-

working Son of God to be born of a Virgin?

Search the internet and you’ll find a definitive answer: No! 

Others were also said to heal the sick, cast out demons, control the weather, raise the dead, and ascend to heaven — and were said to be born of a Virgin too! 

But what does an expert who has studied the ancient sources say?

Topics covered in this lecture include:

  • What does it mean to say that someone was born of a virgin? It’s obvious, right? Wrong!

  • Apart from Jesus, who else in the ancient world was said (literally) to have a god for his father but a mortal for his mother?

  • What do our sources say about the miraculous births of famous figures — Hercules, Romulus, Alexander the Great, Apollonius of Tyana, and others?

  • Were their mothers virgins? If so, what makes Jesus different? If not, why would Christians come up with the radical idea of a virgin birth?

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