Join Us for Part 2 of the New "How
Scholars Read the Bible" Series
Eight 30-minute lessons from Bible scholar, Dr. Bart Ehrman as an online course!
Join the live recording  in August. Online course to be ready in September!
All of Our Stories About Jesus:  

The New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John provide us with virtually all our knowledge of what Jesus said and did.

  • His birth in Bethlehem to the Virgin Mary 
  • His baptism by John the Baptist 
  • His miracles of healing and casting out demons 
  • His Sermon on the Mount 
  • All His parables 
  • His triumphal entry and Last Supper 
  • His trial and crucifixion 
  • His resurrection on the third day 

The historian wants to know: Can we corroborate these accounts? Are they historically reliable? Are some of them based on myth and legend?

Topics Included:  

  • How do historians understand the New Testament Gospels differently from most lay readers, Christian or non-Christian? 
  • Are the Gospels theologically insightful narratives? Historically accurate accounts? Both? Neither? 
  • Were they written by eyewitnesses, or at least based on eyewitness testimony? 
  • How do we explain their vast similarities and differences? 
  • How can we know when they were written? 
  • When and why did scholars begin to question their historical value? 
  • Were the stories they tell changed, or even invented, as they circulated by word of mouth over the years? 
  • Wouldn’t surviving eyewitnesses correct inaccuracies in the Gospels? 
  • Don’t oral cultures strive to preserve their traditions accurately?
  • Did the Gospel authors care what really happened? 
  • Would Christian authors intentionally make up stories? 
  • Can there be true stories that never happened?   


Retail price for the course will be $53.95.  However, if you sign up prior to July 24th, you can get the entire "The Unknown Gospels" course including ALL eight lectures, Q&A, and bonus materials for the early-bird discount price of $47.95.  


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  • Eight 30-minute lectures by Dr. Bart Ehrman
  • Discounts for additional courses in the "How Scholars Read the Bible" series
  • PDF lesson guides
  • FAQ's
  • Additional reading list to dive deeper
  • Audio downloads for listening on the go

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  • Is this a LIVE course?
    Bart will record the lectures for this course in August 2022. If you sign up before the live dates, tentatively set for Aug 6th and 7th, you will be able to watch live.
  • What is Early-Bird Pricing?
    The online course costs $53.95. However, we are offering a discounted rate of $47.95 to those who sign up prior to July 24th at midnight.
  • Are any other discounts available?
    Yes, if you have attended one of Dr. Ehrman's other events, such as the "Did Jesus Call Himself God?" or "Did the Christmas Story Really Happen?" webinars, you should have received an additional discount code during the webinar or via email.
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    Absolutely! If you don't love the seminar, send us an email and we will refund 100% of your investment. You will have 30 days from the date of the seminar.