"Jesus the Secret Messiah - Revealing the Mysteries of the Gospel of Mark"

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Mark is at the same time the most brilliant AND most underrated Gospel of the New Testament, with a sophisticated understanding of Jesus that is so nuanced most readers simply never see it!

Course Overview

Did Mark have first-hand knowledge of Jesus’ life or was he just makin’ stuff up?

Explore the answer to this and other controversial questions in this 8-lecture online course where Dr. Bart Ehrman unpacks The Gospel of Mark showing how its narrative contains clever subtleties and numerous surprises that make it one of the most intriguing pieces of literature from the early years of Christianity.

Other controversial questions covered in this 8-lecture course include:  

  • Why don’t most readers today recognize the highly unusual way Mark portrays Jesus and the meaning of his life?

  • For Mark, how can Jesus be the expected destroyer of God’s enemies and the king of the Jewish people, if he was himself rejected by them, captured, and publicly tortured to death? Isn’t that the opposite of the “Messiah”?

  • Why in Mark (unlike the other Gospels) does none of Jesus’ close relations realize who he really is? Not the Jewish leaders? Not those hearing his message? His neighbors? His companions? His closest disciples? His mother?

  • Does the Gospel of Mark portray Jesus as God?

  • Is Mark’s account an accurate portrayal of what the historical Jesus himself said and did? Or is it a portrayal that shapes Jesus’ life and ministry according to Mark’s own theological understanding of Jesus? Could it be both?

  • Did Mark have first-hand knowledge of Jesus’ life, or is most of his information second-, third-, or fourth-hand? Is he just makin’ stuff up?

  • How did later copyists of Mark’s Gospel change what he said to create a different story? Have any of these changes misled readers away from Mark’s original message?

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